Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mascara #1...

As I pointed out in my previous post, one of the major differences between mascaras is the type of brush. Of the mascaras I have loved, most have had a fairly full, plushy brush - but it has to be soft. My lashes are quite long (brushing my glasses lenses when I wear them), but they have no natural curl whatsoever - just like my hair. I look for mascara to plump them up, make them look fuller, and also to give them that little bit of curl that makes eyes look wide-open. One of the best for that little lift is Prescriptives False Eyelashes.

False Eyelashes has about the plushiest brush I've tried - it is very full and soft. The mascara itself is a medium consistency - not too thick, not too watery - very creamy and it goes on smooooth. One drawback to the plush brush: it is difficult to apply to lower lashes without leaving smudge tracks. False Eyelashes comes in only two colors: Plush Brown, which is a very dark, mink brown, and Plush Black, a deep, soft black. It is not glossy color, but more like velvet. Oddly named, this mascara makes my lashes look very natural - perhaps because of the non-gloss finish and the fact that it never, ever clumps or spikes.

One distinct advantage of False Eyelashes is the generously-sized wand, which has a gel insert (like a Dr. Rx grip pen), allowing the user to get a really good grip. If you've ever dropped your mascara wand onto a fresh white shirt, as I have (klutz!), you'll appreciate the sure-grip feature! Retails for $19.

Overall product rating: 8.5
Packaging: 10


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