Monday, March 13, 2006


Having abandoned my poor blog for more than a month, I've been tagged by Bela (Slap of the Day) to list five weird or peculiar things about myself. Now, I tend to think I'm boringly normal and sane...but feedback from my family and friends seems to indicate otherwise. So, here goes:

1. I often read the end of a novel first. I've read a lot of books. And I'm a fairly critical reader. So if, in the first few chapters, a novel begins to pall - if the characters have not gained my sympathy, if there are numerous historical inaccuracies, if the writing style aggravates me - I will skip ahead and read the end, to see whether the author will manage to pull out of the nose-dive. If so, I can return to where I left off, secure in the knowledge that I won't feel I've wasted my time when I get to the end. If the end is unsatisfying, I just quit right there. Next!

2. When I'm bored, I like to look at things out of alternate eyes. Say I'm in a waiting room. The magazines are old and/or unappealing, I've forgotten my current book (or have already read the end, see above). I will close first one, then the other, changing the view and perspective. This is especially effective with doorways and other vertical apertures. It works best when there are no people to observe - otherwise, they may think you're getting fresh with them.

3. I can't stand to sleep with my feet tucked in. The end of the bedclothes must be left loose, untucked from the mattress, or I just go nuts. I dislike socks, too, and never wear them unless it's really freezing outside. Sometimes, at night, my feet get so hot that I have to go down to the kitchen and stand on the cold tile floor to cool them off. I recently found out that my dad does this, too, so maybe it's genetic. Congenital Hot Feet.

4. In the nearly 24 years I've been married, I have had seven "wedding rings". A few years into my marriage, I developed an allergy to nickel, and apparently there is enough nickel in 14K gold to cause some people problems. That was why I switched the first time. After that, there seemed to be no point in keeping to only one ring when it wasn't the original, so when I get tired of one - or find a ring I like better - I switch. My dear husband fortunately understands that I am faithful to him, not to a piece of jewelry. He bought four of the seven for me as gifts; the other three were to suit my own fancy, including the one I wear right now - a natural emerald in an 18kt gold bezel, atop a wide silver band. I find I can wear platinum and silver with no problem (just in case anyone out there wants to contribute to my peculiarity!).

5. My eyes are such a weird blue-green color, I'm often accused of wearing colored contacts. I don't.

Okay, enough about me. I'd love to hear some really weird stuff about:

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